Minutes Adopted


Royce Qualls

Secretary, Butte CC

Meeting Minutes 03/13/02

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Ted Cox at approximately 7:07 P.M at the Butte Community Center. A quorum was present.

Minutes from Last Meeting

Minutes were read from February’s meeting.  Motion was put forward to accept the minutes, and the motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Michelle Maynor reported a balance of $4033.18 left after a check was written to Gregory Nilsson for work done on the Community Center heat.



  • A letter was received concerning the line easement along the racetrack.  The Platting Board will meet 4 April.

Guest Speaker

  • Claudia Palacils from the Chickaloon Village Health Services gave us a run down of the services they offer.  They offer clinical services, contract medical services, and home health care and chore work, transportation, traditional healing, appointment scheduling, and care coordination.  Services are free of charge to Alaska Natives and American Indians eligible for I.H.S. benefits.  Sliding fees based on income eligibility for clients who are not I.H.S. beneficiaries.  For more information call 907-745-0704 or e-mail Claudia at Claudia@chickaloon.org.  If we are interested in hosting a health screening clinic, they might be willing to do their annual clinic here in Butte.

Old Business

  • The annual Spaghetti Feed and Auction has been cancelled due to the DEC permit denied because food could not be brought in from outside the school and cooking facilities within the school are not available for our use.  The Spaghetti Feed is delayed until the fall.
  • The council’s previous resolution concerning the Borough’s 320 acres was resubmitted to the Borough.
  • The future plans for the Old Glenn Highway were discussed.  Scott Ogan has stated in other meetings that there are two bills currently before the legislature.  The one concerning the use of Garvee bonds is progressing well.  Garvee bonds basically borrow against future federal funds.  The second bill would divert federal money from the Denali Highway.  If funding is approved, highway design would take place this summer and construction would take place in FY03.
  • The Boy Scouts are looking to help with Community Council building reinforcements and improvements.
  • Homestead Resort Update – The original lease had been relinquished.  The same individuals have reapplied to buy the 320 acres for $800/acre for 240 of the acres and $1200/acre for 80 acres.  They propose to build baseball fields and an airstrip in the next 10 years.  The land would be used for housing development.  Ted Cox will send a letter to the Borough planning board, the Mayor and the Borough Manager suggesting Jim Courtney and Don Zoerb take part in planning the use of this section of public land.  A resolution will also be drawn up to address how the council wants to be involved in the planning of the land use.

New Business

  • The council discussed holding a BBQ during the annual spring cleanup.
  • The spring cleanup will be held May 11.  Sign-up sheets will be available at the Store, the Trading Post, and at Ronda’s.
  • The free dump day will be June 8th.

Ted Cox moved to adjourn at approximately 8:51 p.m. The motion passed.


Ted Cox - President
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Gregory Nilsson - Vice President
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259 S. Alaska Street (mailing)
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Michelle Maynor - Treasurer
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Royce Qualls
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Brit Lively
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Don Zoerb
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