Meeting Minutes 04/10/02


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Ted Cox at approximately 7:10 P.M at the Butte Community Center. A quorum was present.

Minutes from Last Meeting

Minutes will be read during the next meeting to allow time for our guests.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer’s report will be read during the next meeting to allow time for our guests.



  • No correspondence this month

Guest Speakers

  • Steve Cypra from the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Land Management Division briefed the Council on some of the property Pioneer Mountain Property is interested in and the processes involved in selling Borough property.  He stated that Mr. Judd Walker from Pioneer Mountain Properties needed the public’s support in order to purchase the property.  Mr. Cypra advised the council that the council’s recommendation would be taken under consideration.
  • Judd Walker briefed the council on his development plans.  He already owns 570 acres adjacent to Mat-Su Borough property in question.  If he can obtain the Borough property, he will build a total of 375 homes in this area.  This will translate to almost a 50 percent increase in population of the Butte area.  The subdivision will consist of lots no smaller than 60,000 square feet.  It will include both motorized and non-motorized trails.  His plans include having an airstrip built along the southern edge of the property contingent upon him obtaining that property.  That property is currently classified for agricultural use.  The subdivision will be paved with low light pollution lights at the intersections.  The houses will run off of individual wells and septic systems.  He stated that this number of houses will not affect the water table and the soils can handle the septic systems.  He agreed that local taxes will probably increase to pay for the necessary increases in the local fire department.  He plans on upgrading the intersections on the Old Glenn Highway where access to his development will be.  He plans on just two access points to the Old Glenn at this time.  If necessary, he will add a third access point to the development on the North Side that would put the traffic onto Maud Road.  He plans on leaving the trails through the subdivision open to the public.  The subdivision will include an equestrian center and trail system.  He plans to develop the property over 15 years in 5 stages starting in either 2004 or 2005.  The first properties to be developed would be in the large hay meadow, then the development would move to around a small lake north of there and the last property to be developed would be the borough property in question.  He stated that the lots would sell for a minimum of $49,000 each.  He is interested and has applied to buy the 240 acres that was originally in the plans for the golf course.  He stated that he plans to deed back 110 acres of less developable land back to the borough after he is through.  He went to great lengths to explain that Pioneer Mountain Properties is not associated in any way with Victor Trygstad.  He stated that he bought Mr. Trygstad’s interest out and that he had nothing to do with the original golf course plan.  He did state that Victor Trygstad’s ex-wife is a 3% stock holder in Pioneer Mountain Properties.  Mr. Walker’s plans include building softball fields on some of the borough’s property in 10 years or so.  Mr. Walker’s offer to the borough was to buy the 240 acres for around $820 per acres.  He claims when he did the original appraisal, the land appraised at under $700 per acre.  He stated the price per acre may have gone up in the last three years.  He based that appraisal on the fact that the land had no road access, no gas, and no electric.  He stated that one reason he is interested in obtaining the land is that he believes that he should be the one that benefits from upgrading the infrastructure around that property.   He realizes that after his development is completed the land will increase significantly in value.  He stated that right now he is willing for the community to have inputs into how the property is developed and that he has been gracious enough to not limit trail access through his property during the last few years.  He stated that if the community is not willing to cooperate with him in obtaining the land from the borough, he will be less flexible and less willing to cooperate with the community in the future.  He stated that it is not his wish to play hardball.  He stated that this 240 acres is vital to the flow of the development and that if the local community blocks his purchase that he may be forced to develop smaller lots and create a more dense neighborhood in order to make up for lost revenue.

Old Business

  • Road report from Mike Shields – House Bill 502 is before the house.  It would designate four highways as rustic including the Denali and Copper Highway.  This would in effect move the Old Glenn Highway up in priority for renovation.
  • The Beautiful Butte Monster Cleanup will be Saturday, May 11th from 10 – 3.  Command Central will be at the Butte Community Council Building.  Refreshments and Barbeque will be provided.  We need volunteers to help with the roadside and neighborhood cleanup.  If you need help or can help, please sign up at either The Store or the Butte Trading Post by May 7.  Judd Walker is graciously donating a dump truck to help with the cleanup.  The Borough is going to help with Freon removal, appliances and automobiles.
  • The free dump day will be June 8th.

New Business

  • Gregory Nilsson motioned to affirm the community council resolution to work with the borough to plan the use of all borough lands in the Butte Community Council area and to include all council members.  Motion passed.
  • Gregory Nilsson put forth a second motion to form a committee to interact with the borough in the planning process for use of public lands.  Motion passed.  Volunteers for the committee were recruited and the final make-up of the council will be announced at the next council meeting.
  • A project to dredge the Mat-Su river is being discussed at the Borough level.
  • The next meeting will be at the Raceway Park lounge on May 8th at 7:00 p.m.



Ted Cox moved to adjourn at approximately 9:20 p.m. The motion passed.


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