Factual highlights of our community

1. Population of the Butte

2. Your Property taxes - How are they spent?

Note: Area wide includes planning & zoning, ambulance service, assessment & collection of taxes, parks and recreation.
Non Area-wide includes; solid waste, libraries, animal control, motor vehicles.

3. Traffic Counts 1997 - Old Glenn Hwy intersections - cars per day.

Clark/Wolverine Maud Bodenburg Loop (N) Bodenburg Loop (S) McKechnie Loop Knik River







4. Potentials for Increased Pressures / Impacts - (what might change in our Area?)

  • Large Residential Subdivision/Golf Course Development
  • Increased population resulting from gas line extensions & road improvements
  • Projected Borough Land Sales in our area
  • Tourist Development at the Knik Glacier
  • Development of Native Owned Lands along the Knik River Valley
  • Core Area Zoning
  • Noise Ordinance
  • 5. Butte Council Boundaries and Neighborhood Areas